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What makes Safeninja different than all the other file hosting services on the internet? Aside from all the great features and the true unlimited storage space, is the ease of use, once you create an account and login, you will be greeted with a unique yet familiar file management system that you have already got to use and love on your personal computer
Features and Highlights
Unlimited Cloud Storage Space
With Safeninja, unlike other file hosting services out there, you do not have to worry about storage space, we do not charge for extra space used, nor have any hidden fees or limits. All our users enjoy a true unlimited file hosting space.
Advanced File/Folder Tools
We have been working real hard day and night, for the past year, to bring to you the most advanced file hosting tools and interface. You will not need to learn yet another new interface to host your files, once you log in, you will be greeted with an interface that you already got to use and love on your personal computer.
File Sharing Collaboration
Sharing a file or folder is super easy with Safeninja. You can publicly share any of your folders, or send a direct download link to any of your files! You can also set a timer on a shared item in case you only want to share it for a specific amount of days.
Instant File Seach Engine
With too many files and folders, sometimes it is not easy to find a particular file or folder, but not when there is an instant file and folder search engine. All your files and folders are automatically indexed for ultra fast results every time.
Track Your Activity Use
With a built-in activity monitor, you can track all your files and folders actions. Also, see history of things like how many files you have uploaded this month, or the amount of emails you have sent, how many folders you are sharing at the moment, and many more.
Secure Encrypted Transfers
All of the actions done on website, including file uploads and downloads are done through trusted and secure channels to ensure that all of our users data are kept safe from internet hackers.
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